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Grow With Us

CFI is fortunate to have strong volunteer support for our programs! Volunteer opportunities include contributing to maintaining our community and school gardens, gathering food donations, preparing produce for distribution, teaching at workshops, and serving on our Board of Directors. Whatever your interests or skills, we’ll find a meaningful place for you to participate in making our communities and people more resilient and food secure. 

Please check out our calendar of events to see volunteer opportunities!  You'll find contact information for each event listed, or you can call 740.593.5971 or email for more information.

Volunteers who have dedicated more than 25 hours with our organization include:

  • Robin Blair-Ackison, (2019-2020 Discovery Kitchen volunteer and MPH Practicum student)
  • Dan Trolli (2019 Donation Station Intern)
  • Sarah Jablonski (2019 School Gardens Intern) 
  • Ana Leon (2019 Gardens Intern)
  • Linda Parsons (2018-present Donation Station volunteer) 
  • Ivan Orquera (2018-2019 Donation Station volunteer)
  • Clayton Wells (2018 SEO FOODLINK & Donation Station Intern) 
  • Ami Scherson (2018 Donation Station, Athens Farmers Market Intern)
  • Josie Sweeney-Rogers (2018 Media/Marketing Intern) 
  • Eugene Hancock (2018 Community Garden Intern) 
  • Arden MacDonald (2018 Ridge and Hollow Seed Alliance Sales Intern)
  • Raquel Gleicher (2017/2018 Media/Marketing Intern)
  • Rebecca Trate (2017/2018 Media/Marketing Intern)
  • Sarah Hill (2017/2018 Discovery Kitchen Intern)
  • Lucas Hakes-Rodriguez (2017 Media/Marketing Intern)
  • Bethany Bella (2016-2017 Social Media and Blogging Intern)
  • Morgan Brenner (2016 Marketing Intern)
  • Randy and Rachel Riling (Nelsonville Community Gardeners)
  • Kailee Slusser (2016 Marketing Intern)

Large Volunteer Groups

Large volunteer groups are perfect for helping us at garden work parties with laying mulch, turning compost, sprucing up abandoned plots, and planting at our Donation Station garden plots.  

To make your experience the most meaningful, we ask that large volunteer groups meet the following criteria:

  • Time of Year: Spring to Late Fall (April - October)
  • Maximum # of hours: 2
  • Maximum # of volunteers: 15
  • Minimum amount of time to plan event: a Month
  • If needed, rain dates could potentially be rescheduled, but please have your own back up plan of fulfilling any volunteer hours.
  • Let us know if you have transportation for volunteers to travel outside of Athens city.  We have multiple community gardens within driving distance that would benefit from volunteers' hard work.

What can you expect during the volunteer group event?

  • An introduction to Community Food Initiatives, food insecurity, and Appalachia Ohio
  • Completion of volunteer liability forms
  • Assigned tasks with clear instructions
  • 'Reflection of Service' circle at the end of the event

What should you ensure all of your volunteers bring to the event?

  • Comfortable clothes that can get dirty
  • Plenty of water, preferably in a reusable water bottle
  • Closed toed shoes

Feel that your group of volunteers would have a blast with our organization?  Talk to us:

Thank You to All of Our Community Collaborations and Sponsors!