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About CFI

Community Food Initiatives works to ensure that everyone has access to healthy, local food. Through various programs and initiatives, we are working to make food more accessible in Appalachia Ohio.

Our belief is that by naming our assets—soil, seeds and an Appalachian heritage of food production and preservation—everyone in Southeast Ohio can envision their place in strengthening our community.

As a membership-based social benefit organization founded in 1992, Community Food Initiatives is deeply connected to the region. CFI is a long-serving team player within the local food system, as we believe that we benefit when others succeed, because that is how community works.

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Our Motivation

Poverty and health disparity are long standing problems in Athens County, more so than the majority of Ohio and the United States. Research increasingly shows that high rates of poverty and food insecurity correlate with negative health impacts such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. By sharing the knowledge to grow and prepare fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains and wholesome foods, people become prepared to feed their families, improve their health and their community. All of CFI’s programs come together to make one unique mix that combats the many sides of these issues.

Thank You to All of Our Community Collaborations and Sponsors!