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Gardening & Food Preservation Workshops

What We Do

What Kinds of Workshops Do We Put On?

Through our Gardens and Donation Station programs, CFI offers a variety of workshops throughout the year with topics covering garden planning, planting, harvesting, and food preservation/preparation. We seek to provide hands-on opportunities to build wellness, knowledge, and skills in the garden and kitchen. Examples of a few of our past workshops include fermentation, fruit tree pruning and grafting, seed saving, seasonal cooking, water bath and pressure canning, dehydration, cover crops, low maintenance garden design, pest control, and season extension techniques.

Workshops are free to CFI members and community gardens, including the gardeners at the Westside Community Garden. For the general public, we request a $5 donation to attend a workshop, but we don’t want to stand in the way of anyone’s ability to learn and share with us. We typically do not require an RSVP for workshops. There are some exceptions for workshops with limited space, in which case we will make that information known.

Share Your Expertise

Our workshops are peer to peer, meaning that we recruit community members to host them. We love to facilitate the sharing of unique expertise and how it relates to the Appalachian region. If you have a workshop suggestion or are interested in leading your own workshop, please contact us.

Upcoming Workshops

Follow us on Facebook or view the calendar below for our list of upcoming workshops and updates on changes in time or location!

August 2020

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Thank You to All of Our Community Collaborations!