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2021 CFI Member Meeting

Welcome to our 2021 CFI Member Meeting page!  Last year our meeting was canceled due to the pandemic; this year, with about 12 months of pandemic-pivoting behind us, we decided to create a way to convene as a community while still keeping everyone safe.  This page is a space to celebrate CFI and local food, and to take care of some of the organizational proceedings that typically happen at these meetings, such as nominating Golden Trowel awardees and staying up to date on our current staff and board.  Paid members received a code to vote in board officers by email, so if you did not receive a code but would like to vote, update your membership today!  If you are a paid member but did not receive the password by email, please contact us to make sure we have your most recent e-mail address. 

Please join us in celebrating CFI and local food!  It's not the same as meeting in person ---- but it will still bring us together.  

2020 Annual Report Video

First things first.  Check out all we were able to do with your support in 2020!  Featuring a soundtrack composed by our very own Root to Seed Food Justice Podcast team. 

Annual Potluck, Pandemic Style

The potluck at our annual Member Meeting is legendary because we're all crazy about food.  Someday, hopefully soon, we'll be able to gather and share food in person again.  In a wild brainstorm session among CFI board members, the idea came up that maybe, just maybe, a virtual potluck could work.  Voila!  The seed sprouted and grew into what we hope is a celebration of food -- that you can return to at any time in the future.  We're inviting you all to share your favorite recipe highlighting regionally grown or produced food.  You can share a new-found delight, a reliable go-to, or a family tradition --- whatever suits you. 

1. Make some food that you love.  

2. Take a photo. 

3. Post your recipe and a photo to our local-food-celebration Facebook group; use the hashtag #SEOdiscoverlocal.  

4. Test recipes you find here!  Share photos from your own test kitchens, especially photos of yourself or your family enjoying local food with gusto.  Remember to use #SEOdiscoverlocal.

5. Keep your picnic baskets & plates at the ready, get vaccinated, and cross your fingers for the day we can potluck in person again.

Golden Trowel Award Nominations

Every year we award outstanding volunteers and CFI champions with a Golden Trowel to honor and recognize their vital role in helping our gardens grow --- literally and metaphorically!  This year we want to invite YOU to help us nominate those outstanding individuals.  Do you know someone who has made an exceptional contribution to CFI programs? Nominate them here! 

Below we've listed 2020 awardees to give them yet another shout-out, and so that we can be sure to share the love with others.

Golden Trowel Awards 2020

Kari Boyle, CFI Supporter of the Year

Badger Johnson, Workshop Warrior of the Year

Heidi Shaw, School Garden Champion of the Year

Sara Jablonski, Student Volunteer of the Year

Samantha Dulaney, School Garden Volunteer of the Year

Larry and Kim Cowdery (Cowdery Farms), Farm of the Year

Ana León, Student Volunteer of the Year

Robin Blair-Ackison, Discovery Kitchen Champion of the Year

Dan Kneier, for providing outstanding Knowledge and (K)nourishment

Dan Trolli, Student Volunteer of the Year


Thank You to All of Our Community Collaborations and Sponsors!