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2021 CFI Member Meeting Results

Thank you to all who participated in our 2021 CFI Member Meeting!  One component of the Annual Member Meeting is electing our Board of Directors Executive Committee, and this year, current members received a ballot by email since our meeting took place online.  The results are in!  We're please to announce CFI's new Executive Committee: 

Joe Barbaree, Board President

Sierra Faris, Board Vice President

Linda Parsons, Board Secretary

Adam Kody and Alexandria Polanosky, Board Co-Treasurers

In welcoming this wonderful new team of folks, we also absolutely have to express enormous gratitude to Ruth Dudding, outgoing Board President, and Steve Scanlan, outgoing Board Vice President, for their terms of service. We're so grateful for the exceptional guidance, wisdom, and energy these two have provided!  Steve served on the CFI Board of Directors 2015-2021, and also served as Board Vice President 2017-2021.  He is an incredible wealth of knowledge about food justice, sustainability, and community resilience in Appalachia.  Ruth has served on the CFI Board of Directors since 2013, and served as Board President 2017-2021.  She is a tireless champion of community wellness, which includes frequently sharing her delicious kitchen creations with folks (her famous chocolate beet cake, for example).   

Please see our Staff & Board page for more information about these outstanding individuals.  They deserve a golden wheelbarrow and cornucopia of community garden produce for all they have brought, and will bring, to CFI. 

Golden Trowel Awards

Coming soon!  We're in the process of finalizing these results.  Stay tuned! 


Annual Potluck, Pandemic Style

This year in lieu of our traditional locavore potluck, we launched a recipe exchange on Facebook.  All are welcome!  Check it out and share your favorite recipe, or test out a recipe someone else shared. #SEOdiscoverlocal.  

2020 Annual Report Video

If you haven't yet, check out all we were able to do with your support in 2020!  Featuring a soundtrack composed by our very own Root to Seed Food Justice Podcast team. 

Thank You to All of Our Community Collaborations and Sponsors!