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Community Gardener Survey

1. Where is your Community Garden plot?
2. How many years have you been a community gardener?

3. On average, how many hours do you spend in your garden per week over the growing season? During this time, who worked with you in your garden (friends, family members, etc)?

4. Why do you choose to garden with Community Food Initiatives? Select all that apply.
5. How often did you donate produce from your community garden plot to those in need (through the Donation Station, a food pantry or an individual)?

6. If you donated produce from your community garden plot, please list any organizations donated to:

7. Did you preserve any food from your garden this year?

8. If you have preserved food from your garden this year please list what you preserved and what method you used (freezing, dehydrating, fermentation or canning).

9. Please rate each of the following aspects of working in the community garden.

Location of Garden
Garden Coordinator’s responsiveness to questions and concerns
Organization and Management of Garden
Social Atmosphere of Garden
Quality of Garden Resources (Soil, mulch, water, tools)
Availability of Gardening Information
Overall experience at the Garden
10. What are the most significant problems you have had with your garden this year? (Mark all that apply.)

11. For future workshops, please rate your interest on the following topics.

Pest and Disease Control
Food Preservation (Dehydration, Canning, Fermentation)
Seed Starting
Garden Planning (What to plant when)
Garden Maintenance
Food Preparation
Soil Fertility/Nutrient Cycling
Production of Specific Crops (Please Specify)
Season Extension

12. Because of my community garden plot:

I eat more fruits and vegetables.
I eat more variety of foods.
I am better able to feed myself and my family.
I spend less money on food.
I am more physically active.
I am living a more healthy lifestyle.

13. Because I am part of the community garden:

I have learned more about gardening.
I know more about the environment.
I care more about the environment.
I have made new friends.
I know my neighbors better.
I feel connected to my community.
I am teaching others about gardening.

14. What do you like most about the Community Garden? What do you like least about the Community Garden?

15. Are there particular issues with your community garden site? What changes/additions would you like to see?

16. Did you feel Garden Work Parties were effective? How could they be improved?

17. What resources would you like to see the gardeners provided with?

18. Did you feel supported by the CFI Staff? Was there adequate access to gardening advice and education? In what ways could we be a more available resource to you?

19. If you are planning not to return to the community garden next year, please explain why.

20. If you were unable to maintain your garden plot, please explain why.

21. What is the best way to contact you for garden and workshop updates?

22. Please share any additional comments regarding the community gardens. (Please note if you would not like us to use any of the following quotes for upcoming reports)

The following questions are optional. 

What age group do you belong to?

How many people currently live in your household?

What is your ethnicity? Select all that apply.
What is the highest level of education you have completed?
Do you or anyone in your household receive the following benefits or resources? Select all that apply.

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